Broadway Theater District

The bright lights of Broadway Theater District

The Manhattan’s Broadway Theater District is unlike any other place in the world, and it’s all on the doorstep of The Michelangelo NYC, 4 star hotel. Every year, more than 13 million theater-goers pass under the neon lights of 40 Broadway theater marquees, settling into one of 56,532 seats before the show curtain rises. All that high-energy excitement and Broadway show talent is concentrated within a few square blocks around The Michelangelo, in Manhattan.

NYC Broadway hotels

What a great feeling to stay right in the middle of one of the most accessible cities on the planet. Laid out like a grid, streets and avenues are neatly numbered, with busy Broadway cutting its diagonal swathe north and south. Step out from the hotel lobby at The Michelangelo, a favorite among NYC 4 star hotels, and you’re already in the Broadway Theater District, so that alleviates any concerns about running late for a dinner reservation or missing a curtain.

A New York state-of-mind

As Billy Joel knows, certain qualities of New York City are at once a location and a magnetism that can easily get under your skin. Broadway is such a place. Ever since the strains of George M. Cohan’s “Give My Regards to Broadway” filled the Liberty Theater in 1904, Broadway and Times Square at 42nd Street have been the stuff that hits are made of. With a catchy tune from Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein or Stephen Sondheim to accompany the rhythm of your footsteps, navigate a few “Walk/Don’t Walk” intersections, and ...

Make mine a Broadway musical

An usher indicates your seat with a flashlight beam, while the stars of the show are backstage limbering up and powdering noses. Adjust your eyes and grab a moment to read about them in the show’s free Playbill. Down in the pit, the orchestra tunes up to the oboe’s “A” note, then as the conductor approaches and the overture begins, polite applause fills the theatre as the heavy curtain rises. Musical productions and Broadway plays are the lifeblood of the Broadway Theatre District, where Michelangelo Hotel is located, and the Broadway Theatre District makes New York City the cultural capital of the world.

Tips about Broadway tickets

Need some tickets? Hotel concierge Scott Christy can steer you in the right direction. With 23 years of discerning concierge experience, Christy knows the ins and outs of everything that happens “beneath the Broadway lights,” and like Leonard Bernstein, he’ll tell you “New York, New York” is “a hell of a town.” If you’ve been researching tickets, you’ll be bombarded with discount claims, but you can look to Scott to garner you the best seats and trustworthy prices. At The Michelangelo Hotel, we’ll give your regards to Broadway Theater District.

Dinner and a Broadway show

It’s hard to beat a quintessential New York evening defined as dinner and a show. In a city that never sleeps, your first decision is whether to go for a pre-theater or after-theater meal. Several restaurants around the theater district offer both, and it’s wise to book ahead. If you’re going to one of the long-established favorites such as Joe Allen or Sardi’s, just tell the maitre d’ the name of the show you’re seeing and they’ll know what time to expect you afterward. The same applies to many places up and down West 46th Street’s Restaurant Row. At Barbetta, their 1906 family pedigree makes this the city’s oldest Italian and oldest theater district restaurant.


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